Friday, August 11, 2006

The accidental tourist

Dear Marc, one of my best friends just left for the states. She's in the air right now, headed for LA. She's one smart lady, and I'll miss her, since she'll be gone for a year. She's been working in the music business, doing PR for quite some time.

Now she's going back to school.
I had the details mixed up. I told people she was going to show biz school. Entertainment school.

She looks at me, a little worried.

"How many people have you told this?".

"Many", I say, happily, since I'm so proud of her and happy for her.

"So now all our friends think I'm going to show biz school? To learn how to sing and dance and wave a hat in the air while I sing "Cabaret"?".

"Maybe. I didn't really think it over. I just told them you were going to the states. To entertainment school".

She does happy hands, jazz hands and laughs. She's getting a masters in marketing/communication (I hope, I'm such a terrible listener!). Not really the same thing as taking a few jazz dance classes and learning how to juggle.

I'll miss her, but you should dress her. She's 6 feet, gorgeous, hilarious and smart.
Look here: (that's her to the left, kneeling next to the midget beer slut that I am)

You Americans should be nice to her.

Just as nice as the New Yorkers were who I met on my last visit there. You know that rumour, that Manhattanites are assholes?

Well, they were scambling for change to help me take the bus across the park and I was called "sweetie" 3 times in the same day. I was so surprised. Only later did I take a look in the mirror and understood what had caused this pleasant effect. Wearing my Peace on earth tee and yellow Chucks I was looking so much like a gullible "let's-pick-pocket-her" tourist that I received help from all around. My theory is this: New Yorkers may very well be cynical assholes, but like anyone else, they don't like to be predictable.

I should have gotten more of those t-shirts.



~C said...

Emi - you're the gorgeous one! Is that vintage Gucci your wearing? I have a scarf just like it. Im still sticking to my guns that the celebrity you most resemble is Sienna Miller.

susanna said...

You both look beeeeaaauuutiful! :) And yes, New Yorkers ARE nice. They're always helping me out with maps and telephone numbers. I think it's a badge of honour (maybe even a test) among NYCers to know every street in their city. Good luck to your friend as she gets her Masters. Sounds like she's going to the perfect American city for a Masters in marketing and communications.

Anonymous said...

Emi=Beer slut! Petra=Ari Gould ll in the making (or should I say Babs ll in the making?) Actually, Emi looks a little bit like Ari Goulds wife here. Funny coincidence (spelling?).
/Entourage 4-ever