Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Big Mistake

Dear Marc, I was so happy with my packing for this NY/DC adventure.

In my suitcase I had fitted (and left room for new purchases):

* One little black Jackie O dress
* One proud peacock dress in all the colours of the rainbow
* A crepe-de-Chine pantsuit
* A skirt and shirt set
* A black velvet top with white collar and matching black velvet pants
* My favourite pair of jeans
* Tops and tees

I was set to go, prepared for a formal banquet with the physicists at the awards show but just as ready to have a drink with friends in NY. The flight was nice and easy. We travelled joyously, with the exception of the moment when a few cups of coffee were spilled strategically on my seat.

I'm going as the translator, but my English is so rusty, I've tried to persuade my friend to introduce me as her mute translator. I want to make a sign saying "I work with written words, not spoken."

Then we arrived at the hotel and I unpacked. It was with no small amount of horror that I noticed I had left my shoes at home. All of them, except for the canary Chuck Taylors I was wearing on the plane.

Yellow sneakers don't count as formal wear do they?
Perhaps if I wear the black and white velvet costume and go into mute translator mode, the shoes won't be such a big deal. I'll be a mime at the awards show, my yellow shoes a natural adornment on a natural clown.

Must go to bed, jetlag has me on its sharp stick, shaking me over a fire of dreams. I'm falling.



Vinny said...

Dear E,
I live my life always leaving something important out. I make chocolate cake, I forget the sugar. I make pesto: no garlic. I get married, I forget the bouquet. International flight: oops, no passport. But the most spectacular of all--I am the maid of honour at a friend's wedding in the US, and UH-OH, NO SHOES. So we all went traipsing down the aisle in our stocking feet and many guests later told us that they found it charming. Perhaps it's not too cold in NYC for you to try this out; you might even start an awards ceremony trend and the next thing you know, there's Sofia Coppola out of her ballet slippers, there's SJP out of her Blahniks, there's Ms Loren sans Gucci. Take this opportunity to RECREATE FASHION. If you can't wear Marc Jacobs shoes every day, why wear anything at all?

-e said...

You're so right. I should just go barefoot. Or keep the MJ illusion, tatooing both of my fottsoles with the logo. Now you see it, now you don't.

denise said...

im very realistic...i think its time to go shopping...i like be diferent in fashion issues, but barefoot to a formal event is tooooo much!!!good lucky!

varanen said...

Yellow CT's...how can that EVER be wrong?
Well, kanske inte riktigt solitt ändå.
Lycka till!

Eebs said...

Oh no! What size do you wear? I'll jet to New York!!

...Okay, that would mostly be an excuse to leave Ohio for a couple of days. ;) I'm sure you'll figure something out, even if it means... *sigh*... buying more shoes?

Angie said...

Hey E,
I've been reading your letters for a while now, enjoying them all!, but wanted to write and say this made me laugh. Prove chaos theory on way to see Nobel prize winners? Check!