Friday, April 28, 2006

Fashion Fantasy no 3

Dear Marc, sometimes I picture myself as a travelling literary lady. I'm wearing grayish tweeds and perhaps a green scarf and my shoes are a priceless combination of grace and comfort. My glasses are pretty but sensible, my hands perfectly manicured to hold my precious ink pen, always at the ready.

My laptop is lacking the babyfood smearings of reality. My agenda is filled with interesting meetings. I travel to fascinating destinations to meet with the best minds of other countries. My biggest problem is what to wear to award shows. Not that it's a problem in my dreams, I just pick gowns from my extensive collection of amazing evening wear.

This is where fantasy and reality collide. I am travelling to NYC and Washington DC next week. I'm travelling together with my talented friend Bea, who's there to pick up an award for her book "The man who went to the far side of the moon" which I helped translate.

We don't know what to wear to the awards show. What would you suggest for this translator and her brilliant friend? Can I find it in your NY store?



c said...

you'll be in Washington D.C. which is is just 45 minutes from where I live... let me know if you'd like some tips on where to eat, go or stay. If you haven't made hotel arrangements yet then you should stay at the tabard inn. I stayed there in January the night before catching an early flight to St. Barths from the airport in washington. check out their website, you'd love it, the place has so much character, defintitely fits in with your fashion fantasy no. 3

~C said...

OR BLUMARINE (to die for)

I think this would be the most perfect attire for a red carpet event!

-e said...

Thankyou both of you wonderful people!

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