Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A day in pictures

Dear Marc, why would you care about the life of a Swedish mom? You wouldn't, but let's pretend you did. Then you might want to see what it's like when Tuesday dinner is served.
You might share the surprise of finding a bald child playing with a jar of hair goo.

You would also be a bit jealous of seeing two children get to make their own pizza at a road side joint.

The pizza guy was very helpful.

Monitoring the baking process is essential.

More exciting than TV. Flat screen pizza ovens.

The pizza was small, but perfect. Much like the bakers.

Proud pizza makers eat late.



Eebs said...

Adorable. :)

ian c rogers said...

Eebs is right. Adorable.

denise said...

the cutest thing i ever seen...

susanna said...

Aaaaw! Love the photo of the lil' one putting/observing the pizza in the oven. Look how teeny she is! The hearts of those pizza boys must've melted along with the cheese on the pizza itself!