Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring coat of arms

Dear Marc, did you ever design a coat of arms? I would love to have one. When I lay awake at night, I compose coats of arms for famous people.

Right now, I'm writing an article on Madonna and am trying to come up with a good coat of arms for her. I think perhaps it will be a Lion, a baby, 22 volumes of the Zohar, a pen and a mic all balancing on top of a cone shaped bra. Could you solve this with a clever design?

I can't stop this coat of arms thing. Like so many other things, it's my dad's fault. He's been studying the 11 volumes of "Swedish noble families" with the same vigour and stamina that Madonna studies the Kabbalah. Along the way, he has shared stories of terrible fates and ridiculous names. The other day he told me about the noble family Codstar.

Codstar. When there are family names like Natt och Dag - Night and Day. Isn't that the most beautiful name you ever heard? Not to pick on Jacobs, but Night and Day! You are the one!

My dad is not of noble origins. Our history is filled with starving, freezing farmers, fishers and shoe makers. He doesn't look up to nobility. But he can't stop reading those books. And what a joy that is to all of us.

There are stories about people who get stuck with bullets in their limbs heroic widows and unfortunate proposals. My favorite in the latter category involves a young man who was so happy to receive a positive reply to his popped question that he sat up on his horse, backwards by mistake, making a fool of himself and losing the respect of his fiance and fellow men.

Must finish the article. Am wishing for a private coat of arms for myself. Please arrange a pretty picture of a laptop, walking shoes, stroller, chocolate and tea.

big love


Eric length persson said...

Madonna kommer till köpenhamn snart tror jag. Sugen på att se henne trots att jag säger till mig själv och andra att hon är tjatig med kabbalan. Den finns förresten en italienska korv som heter karbala. Tänker alltid på madonna när jag äter den (kabbala låter som karbala nästan)

Vrickan said...

Din blogg bara fortsätter att fascinera mig.. Keep up the good work! :o)

Sven said...

Good Job! :)