Friday, April 21, 2006

There’s an ant in fantastic, too.

Dear Marc, today I found an ant on me as I left the subway. It must have piggybacked on me all the way from the suburbs. For a second I considered turning back, repeating the half hour commute to return the ant to it’s natural surroundings. But I had important business meetings to attend, and by then, the ant was already strolling on the subway bench, hellbent on a journey it would never forget.

How does it work with ants? They can stroll away for quite a distance, but at what distance are they beyond reach of the anthill’s reception? Would my ant start walking in the correct direction? Probably not.

It was so sad, how this ant was now a lost cause, who would starve to death alone, in a subway environment that must seem like Thunderdome compared to the leaves back home.

It was not much different than the unfortunate fate of Laika the space dog. Especially when considering that we’re all in space, all the time. Can’t seem to get away from it.

Tomorrow we’re heading for the mountains. I’ll be the one under 50 wearing mintgreen ski gear, courtesy of my mom. Am too cheap to invest in attractive ski clothes as we’re approaching May. Maybe later this winter. Have any hints on what to wear beyond your wonderful thermal underwear?

I prefer cross country skiing. Will try not to bring ants to the Northern part of the country.
Did you ever bring an insect from NYC to Paris? How did it make you feel? Friendly or evil?

There are ants everywhere. Hiding in the Idiot Savants, toiling among the servants, sharing the pleasure of your company as assistants.

Have a lovely Friday. Pleasant greetings



denise said...

dear emi,

there is only a word to describe u: u are suberb!!!excepcional person.... how can u find so much poeltry in a ant in your clothes? i face insects everiday and cant have that inspiration...


red storm said...

Have you ever seen the movie my life as a dog? It makes reference to Laika's sad fate.