Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wicked witch of the Easter

Dear Marc, how are you? Did any påskkärring come knocking on your door today? No? But today is the day!
This is the day all Swedish kids dress up like witches do. See how stylish the shabby chic look looks on the young. A little crochet goes a long way. Vertical stripes are the new horizontal stripes. And don't forget the kettle, replacing the handbag as this year's must carry-along.

It's our equivalent of your trick or treating.
I remember doing the house rounds as a witch back in my childhood. A poor neighbour opened her door to us four little witches, only to sadly announce that she was out of candy.

I've always been soft at heart. Even at the tender age of 8, I couldn't stand the sad look on her face. I wanted to console her. I offered the only consolation I could think of:

"That's ok! We don't need candy. Money will do just as fine."

She shut the door in our faces. I didn't understand why until many years later.

Witch you well, kiss and tell


Eebs said...

Ooh, that sounds so fun! I've never heard of that before-- can you tell us the story behind it? I mean, it sounds a lot like Halloween but why just witches? Why the kettle?

Lovisienstadt said...

More Swedish påskkärringar:

denise said...

i did read a book called babilon yesterday and today, it explained the origin of festive dates. i remind that about easter the date now doesnt match with jesus death and resurrection, it match with very ancient pagan festivities as harvest and beggining of spring.that time the witchs and druidas were the center of the ceremony.whwn catholic church become the oficial religion of roman empire they tried pumper all the survant people and mixed pagan cerimonies with biblical dates. so we have easter with eggs and rabbits (fertility cerimonies) christmas with ginger cookies and trees with lights (offerings and to keep away bad spirits). so comes this messy dates when i try explain my 2 years old boy that rabbits and eggs have nothing in commom with jesus death.


A Novelist said...

What an adorable picture. Hope you had a nice Easter holiday. :)