Monday, May 15, 2006

So sad and so wonderful

Dear Marc, there I was, thinking I would write you about clothes and fashion, and all you get letters about are medieval hair, astronauts and my mom. If it's a surprise to you, imagine what it must be to me!

Today, you'll get another letter removed from the world of fashion. But there are clothes in here. So stay posted. I'll write you about clever flowers. Let's spend the day honoring the memory of artist Ola Pehrson.

What interesting installations the world will never see now, we'll never know.
But at least the world can see the interesting works that have already been created.

Like this suit? At first glance, it looks just like a regular pin stripe suit doesn't it? Well, take a closer look. That's the entire first two chapter of Karl Marx's "Das Kapital" printed up and down the suit. Perfect for the the stock trader who wants to stand out in a world of suits.

The year following the suit, Pehrson made an installation that appealed to many of us. He turned a cactus into a stock trader. Such a strong connection between trading and plants haven't been seen since the 1600's, when those crazy Dutchmen invested heavily in tulip bulbs.

The money spending cactus wasn't the last example of Pehrson's fascination with the stock market. A few years later, he created the NASDAQ vocal index. He literally turned the index charts into music.

And then, Pehrson created a piece of art that's magic to all of us who love food, moms and memories. His mom had collected menus from every dinner party she had given for 45 years. I get dizzy just hearing about such a treasure of information. Pehrson took this source of gold and turned it into art.

The man is gone, but his ideas are still around.
And what great ideas they are.


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