Monday, May 15, 2006

Valley of the dolls

Dear Marc, since you are a material man, or at least a man who knows a lot about fabric and materials, I just wanted to write you to say that there's a new doll in our house and according to her 4-year old owner, the doll's name is "Wool". And that it the longest sentence I have ever written. I like "Wool". It's cryptic and short and the sound is pretty too. Especially in Swedish. Ull.

Meanwhile, the 4-year old's other doll, the limb-lacking doll in the picture above, goes by the more common Margaret. I want you to know that she got this name after losing her head and legs. Margaret. I like it. It's kind of like Claire, another name I've always liked. Perhaps because it's a fat girl's name. How much did you love Judd Nelson? More than I did? I think not.



foghat said...

Hi e -

Are those two candles-in-egg-cups-with -feline-faces next to Limb-free Margaret? Is that you new view? So many questions, so much time today.

Eebs said...

You've been busy posting! I couldn't believe how many I'd missed!

Glad you're back. :)

denise said...

happy to see your new view (i guess).are you enjoying your new place? are u walking in the forest close to it?
love from cold brazil


-e said...

It's kind of the new view, but that pic was taken before all the leaves burst into view. Lost the camera charging cord somewhere. Will show you more later.