Thursday, May 11, 2006

Jack Crabb and the weight of thankfulness

Dear Marc. I'm home again.

DC was lovely. So was NYC. So green and nice. I felt enormous gratitude to Bea for bringing me there. I don't know how to make it up to her, I feel a little like the indebted native american in "Little Big Man". Do you know what I'm talking about? Dustin Hoffman saves a guy's life and because of this, the man is burdened by gratitude until he can save Dustin from biting the dust. Before that, he has to do everything backwards. He rides a horse backwards, washes his face with dirt, walks backwards, etc you get it.

I tried to express this to Bea, speaking of my Indian Thankfulness, but she misheard and thought I was saying "Indian Thankful Mass". She kept adding to the Mass by buying me all kinds of things. Lunch, sun glasses, dinner.

The Indian Thankful Mass grew greater and greater.
It reached a critical mass.

Am currently thinking up schemes to bring my friend to other end of world, we’re she’ll get to meet genii (is that how you pluralize it?), and sleep in the divine comfort of hotel linens.

Til then, I’ll wash my face with dirt.
How do you wash yours?

Also, where do the rejected body parts of surgically enhanced celebrities go? I liked Ashlee Simpsons former nose. Am thinking of getting it for myself. Ebay?

And for those of you who can read Swedish:
Det var ännu bättre. Jag pratade om Indian-tacksamheten jag kände. Bea trodde jag pratade om Indiantaxametern. Dring, dring, dring.

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