Monday, May 22, 2006

I drop it like it's hot

Dear Marc, do you remember The Young ones? I am Neil. All the machines hate me and go beep in my ear.

My laptop is kind of broken. I can't review Jordan's and Carmen Electra's and workout videos, cause Winnie the Pooh is stuck in the DVD-compartment. It won't eject. Perhaps because I dropped the laptop on the floor too many times. Now I'll never be fit to strip.

I need a computer encased in sturdy, drop-proof plastic. Like the wonderful, yellow Sony Sports walkman I had back in the eighties.

The sad thing is that I bought this laptop because my old one was broken. It couldn't play DVD:s. It could before I dropped it in an escalator at Zara's. I need a Sony Sports computer.
Do you know where I can find one?


Ps. Ok, so maybe it's my own fault machines hate me. I just attacked my laptop with a ruler, Trying to force the DVD out. No luck, the disc was stuck like a thumb in a coke bottle. But with the help of the ruler, a small screw fell out. I have no idea where it came from, might have been my own head. Now, the computer works better than ever. It ejected the disc and I have no trouble with it. Lesson learned: When stuck, try violence.

Ps. 2. Now I hear that many of my friends have experienced exactly the same problem. One little screw falls out and a seemingly broken computer starts to behave again. We wonder if this is a scam on Apple's part? What function does this little prankster screw have?
Macs = Scam. I think it's an...anagram.


Eebs said...

It's also a palindrome.

~C said...

This should make you feel better...I purchased these today on a bargain hunt. Marc Jacobs mousie shoes...can he seriously be any cuter?

Float and Twirl said...