Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Science Report

Dear Marc, have now bought shoes. They were too big and hurt a little but I'm not upset. They were on sale. Have now listened to interesting talks held by Nobel prize winners and distinguished women and gentlemen. They made science fun and almost accessible to a rookie like myself.

I have learned that the universe is flat and that on average, we all have one testicle and one ovary.

I was easily the least intelligent person in the room. It was rocket science, and I was proud to have been invited.

Are you down with string theory? Or super string theory?

I'm not talking underwear.



denise said...

im so happy now that u got a decent shoe for your formal event, i wish them dont hurt u, because with a painfull foot u loose concentration and gets boring/sad/mad/angry...

love from brazil


Vinny said...

Little disappointed that you didn't actually tattoo your feet, but I suppose I understand. I can't believe you didn't describe your new shoes. Are they MJ?

As an artist who's worked with scientists for most of my career, I can tell you that there's intelligence and there's intelligence. I can also tell you that every morning I check out what you have to say about the world, and not so much what the physicists do. I feel like I learn a lot more that way.

Love from Canada--


~C said...

I like what Vinny said. Some of us are intelligent in many other areas. Mine is fashion, and someone else has physics. So what? :) Im glad you are having a good time and am curious about your new shoe purchase too!

Anonymous said...

Did they really talk strings?

-e said...

Sure they talked string. In theory. Sorry no pic of the shoes, they were Banana Republic on sale. Too big, but ok. I'll give them away to a person with bigger feet as soon as I can. Did find a wonderful pair of MJ shoes that were a tribute to mankind but I could not walk in them. Hence the boring,sensible solution.