Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The obstacles

Dear Marc, sorry I haven't written in so long. There have been so many things in the way of my letter writing. First there was the trip to NYC with all its inherent treats and temptations. The beds were so comfortable I had trouble getting up at all. Tried to make it to your stores, but medieval paintings and a dead pharao got in between and stole time away. Then I met some friends who had been to see that wild bird nesting in Central Park so what little time we had left got eaten up.

Then I wanted to write you, but with 7 movies to choose between on the flight home, I couldn't make it. And then I had to fight sick children, jet lag (or as my mother confusingly calls it "jet leg"), work and the biggest obstacle of them all - Heathergate. Or should we call it Deather? Henise?

You know these people? What is the truth here?
It's blonde vs. blonde.

I don't know why I find it so intriguing. But the pictures of Denise and Richie seem so...staged. And the only one who seems to profit from that would be Heather. It's very confusing. Am also wasting letter writing time wondering when Britney's new baby is due. Also find it very interesting to see how Britney is morphing into Ashlee Simpson. How is this possible? With all my new scientific input, I'm still not able to grasp this.

Just look at Ashlee holding Brit's baby:



Ps. Forgot to ask you what element you would rather be. I was asked this question and gave the bland "oxygen" response. I figured being invisible and omnipresent on planet earth was good. But no. The clever scientist I talked to suggested I should be carbon. "Because under pressure, you'd turn into a diamond". A nice fact to ponder next time you're fretting and stressing.


Vinny said...

Dear Emi--

Here's another nice fact to ponder when stressed out:

"While studying 380 million year old rocks in Ellesmere Island, at a latitude of 80 North, I was uncovering one of the key transitional stages in the shift from fish to land living animal. Everybody knows that fish swim with fins and animals that walk on land have legs. I was in the Arctic to learn how this shift happened. The fish I was uncovering had a wrist and fingers. A fish with wrists and fingers? I was immediately struck that this fossil reveals a very deep branch of my evolutionary tree. This is the origin of my wrists and fingers. Huddled in the tent during prolonged Arctic storms, it occurred to me that 3.5 billion years in the history of life are embedded in my own body."-- Neil Shubin, “The Great Transition”

Also, do you ever read I think you might really get a kick out of it, given your Britney/Ashlee/Heather/Denise infatuation. Me, I can't get enough of the Peldons, whoever they are.

Love from Canada,

paradise said...

i'd want to be something radioactive. so people would leave me alone instead of mining me and making me into all sorts of jewelry pieces.