Sunday, August 27, 2006

Thank you for the weekend

Dear Marc, how was your weekend?

Mine was terrific.
First there was a great table tennis party, hosted by my friend Sara (above left) and her man, Nille. The food was delicious, the beer overfloweth and while men around the world may engage in air guitar exercises while intoxicated, that was not the case last night. Thank God.

Instead, they played air ukulele.

This is a picture from downtown Stockholm, taken last night at around midnight. Don't you wish you were there? We missed you. We could have used another finalist or two in the important games.

I had the best time, then had to go home, and since there were no taxi cabs available, I did so by public transportation that brought me almost home - only half an hour by foot from my home. Once again, my feet made me feel like a fairy tale character. Last night, I felt like Cinderella's sisters. The shoes didn't fit, and the pain was immense. But damn those shoes looked great. Almost worth the pain.

Today, we had lunch at a nearby farm, pretending we were to the manor born. Except for Vanja, who pretended to be a native American acrobat, fighting a gianormous steel spider.

A showed us how to dance to make Giacometti shadows:

And then that guy from Entourage came running around.

What did you do all weekend?



denise said...

happy that u had a nice weekend... i loved vanjas picture, as usual.
my weekend included house cleaning, cooking lasagna,went to supermarket, eat out seafood and watched joni and june on dvd.

flic said...

Where's the picture of the shoes? Glad you had a nice weekend!

milli said...

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ian c rogers said...

We had a fine weekend, too. One week away from due date (sept 5), we finished up the nursery, I went skateboarding, Paul, Steven, Carol, Seth, and Eva came over for dinner. As Art Brut would say, Good Weekend!

Miss y'all,

susanna said...

Giacometti shadows! Hah! You really are a hoot!