Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's not my party and I cry cause I want to


Dear Marc, you don't have kids do you? And you have a special someone?
Then you're probably welcome everywhere.

As a single person or a parent person, doors close. Otherwise nice people decide to no invite you, because "she probably can't make it" or "she'll be uncomfortable around all these couples".

I was recently uninvited to a gathering with some of the people I love most in this world.
I asked my closest and oldest friend "why did you not invite me?"
He said he assumed I couldn't make it. That the party was so far away, and what with the kids and I don't drive and blah blah blah.

He said I was welcome. I said I did not like to invite myself. But I contemplated reworking the rules. Since he was to hold the party where I already was, in our cabin by the sea, I could send the kids home with my parents and stay where I was, without food, water or car. To show that nothing can stop me! Where there is a party, that's where I'll be!

I will sit there emaciated and dehydrated. Days, perhaps weeks, will have passed before the other party guests arrive. My dress will be bleached by the sun, my hair a shadow of the do I made in preparation for the party. Too tired to talk, I will wear a big sign stating "Perhaps you do not want me here. But I still love you!".

Friends don't let friends forget friends just cause they go on to have little friends.

Now you say they might not want me there, for other reasons.
That's what I secretly think, too. But, being a prettily dressed party martyr, I give them a perfect reason to not invite me next time. A reason that we both understand and can live with.

What did you not get invited to this week?
Ps. Also please list the stuff you were invited to.
Ps 2. That pic above is from a site saying you shouldn't do drugs. Don't do drugs! It's taken from the Sailors Paper. Don't do drugs on boats! and don't sue me for linking to your picture.


Olivia said...

I cannot tell you how much I love this site. If I had a party, which I never do, you would be more than welcome. Hell, bring the children. It's not far, only England, and I'm sure they'd love champagne.

denise said...

this month im invited for a graduation party, a 2 years old bithday party, a baby shower...but a vey close friend invited my parents for her wedding and did not invite me. i felt the same frustation... i felt i wasnt welcomed.i like make chocolate fondue with fresh fruits for friends or a fish barbecue.if u one day come to brasil u will be welcome to share!!


Eebs said...

Dear E--

My birthday is on Saturday. We're going to my father's house-- he has a nice, big pool and a hot tub.

I do not want to assume that you cannot come. You are definitely invited. If you attend, we will go somewhere pretty afterwards so we can dress up.


Vinny said...

Dear e,
This afternoon my son and I are having a tea party with Superman and The Thing. I understand that Wallace and Gromit have also been invited. If you can make it, we would love to set another place for you. Please bring the kids--I'm a big worried that I won't know what to say to the superheroes, but children never seem to have that problem.

susanna said...

Aaw...the friend that uninvited you to his party shouldn't be allowed cocktails at the next party, even if he's hosting it. I'm going to two BBQ's this weekend (yay!) while my boy (husband) is away on a guy's weekend away. I'd LOVE it if you came as I'm sure you'd charm the pants off the hostess and the other guests. I don't need drugs to have a good time at a party but man, what I'd do for that gold construction worker/sailor's hat!

Anonymous said...