Monday, July 31, 2006

Things my grandma taught me, lesson #1.

Dear Marc, I know you spent a lot of time with your grandma, growing up. Yesterday I went to see my own granny. She's 90 and tried to cheer me up as I told her I'm doing my best to get my driving back on track.

I don't really like driving, I'm scared. But thinking I will soon love it, I have to go on.

I only have two problems with driving

1. The speed. I like walking pace.

2. Other cars.

My granny listened to my bitching and then gave me her sound advice:

"Always wear a beautiful, big hat when you drive a car. I always did and it worked wonders. The other, mostly male drivers, let me drive first".

What did your grandma teach you?

Love from below the brim


Eebs said...

What a fantastic idea. However, all of my big floppy beautiful hats block my peripheral vision, which is not a great idea when I'm driving downtown.

Vinny said...

My grandmother taught me to wear the big beautiful hat around the house and bat my eyelashes a lot, so that the men about the place would simply drop what they were doing and drive me wherever I wanted to go. Try that, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I didn´t have a close relationship with my grandmother.


susanna said...

Awww... Did you give your granny a big hug for saying that?

Anonymous said...

its a good idea!! i cant drive either! im still scared about a car crash in the past, i almost died...maybe a beautifull hat will make me fell more confident!!!

with love


k said...

I'll never forget the stories my grandmother used to tell me when I was little.

Anonymous said...