Friday, July 28, 2006

Summer conversations

Vacation conversation 1.

Me: Mom, did you actually shave your legs? They look so smooth!
Mom: No, I didn’t.
Me: But how come they’re so smooth then?
Mom: It comes from natural wear and tear. Plus the quality wasn’t all that great to begin with.
Me: The quality? The quality of you or of the leg hair?
Mom: Both.

Vacation conversation 2.

Mom: I’m old, tired and ugly. Do you still like me?
Dad: Of course. And on the bright side, you’re not fat.
Mom: That’s right. But you are!
Dad: I know, I’m old, fat, tired and ugly.
Mom: I like you like that.

Vacation conversation 3.

Me: What are you reading, honey?
A: The Odyssey
Me: Is it good?
A: Sure it is. Wherever he goes, Odysseus is massaged with oils by beautiful maidens. Then he wins battles and brags and talks about things that delight his manly heart. Every now and then, they all do drugs and eat Egyptian lotus flowers.
Me: Sorry for interrupting.


denise said...

keep triing... maybe u find somebody to start a better conversation? somebody around likes fashion? marcs jacobs so? history, politics, things like how to deal with your boring husband and how to calm down hiperactive children?
if u dont find anybody, talk with us your faithfull blog readers.


ps im so tired, so a wish a vacation like yours...stay in pjs all day long, fresh air, healthd food, walking contemplating the wild nature...doesnt matter if i wouldnot find somebody nice to talk, me and miself are very good company...

-e said...

But I don't find him boring! I love him. I love it when he reads, especially when he reads to me. Which he proceeded to do.

Mary Lewys said...

Have I mentioned I'm so delighted you're back? Well, I am. Thank you for sharing!

lani said...

I'm happy you're back too! I wish I had as much vacation time as you!

Lonnie Bruner said...

Wait, Swedish people speak English to each other?

Woa. My entire world view has just been blown away.

Eebs said...


susanna said...

:)! Now I know where you get your sense of humour! Your mom is one sassy woman.

nat said...

my older, born-in-sweden aunt also has no leg hair, and has never had any as long as i can remember! it's always made me jealous, and she's told me that she doesnt really remember ever having much at all. some people get all the luck... :-)