Sunday, July 23, 2006

I heart Katvig

Dear Marc, I hear Sofia is expecting. How lovely! You might be wondering what to bring for the upcoming showers. Don't be predictable. Don't give the little one only Little Marc items. Go Danish and delight both parent and child with Katvig wear. It's colorfun and comfortable. And as you can see, you and the rest of us oldies can wear Katvig too!



Moi said...

Hi E-
I really like your site, and those pictures are hilarious! Looking forward to reading about your Scandinavian adventure.

Vinny said...

Welcome back! Looking forwaard to hearing aabout Fiinlaand. Waacky laanguage. Waacky aadventures?

susanna said...

Hey, you're back! I imagine you have lots of fun stories to tell from your vacation. Can't wait to hear them. The Katvig wear ads are terrific!

denise said...

is vanja in the back of old ladies? the little girl looks kike her.