Thursday, March 23, 2006

Seamonsters Eating Apache Helicopters

Jessica Smith
is a genius.


varanen said...

Are you going through different fabrics to set-up in your new home by any chance?

I like the titles of the patterns best, LOVE the spy-planes, find the drug plant-patterns a wee bit childish but beautiful.

karin m said...

heyhej emi!
har inte din privata mejladress, så jag försöker nå dig såhär. du kan väl höra av dig till mig?
gäller den där väggen i nya huset!
tack, ha det så fint.

smy said...

fabulous fabric/pattern blog:

c said...

hej e !
i met this woman at a crafts fair here in the states (in Baltimore, USA) a few weeks ago... she does really fantastic things, and she was very sweet! i will be ordering brown wallpaper with blue cars on it when i can afford it. such a small world... i am very glad i stumbled upon your blog, it inspired me to finally start my own.

-e said...

c, that's so strange, and so great too!

It really is a small world.


Jessica Smith said...

i was searching for myself and i hoped you meant i was a genius. no such luck. :) but these fabrics are great! i'm glad you found them so i could find them.