Friday, March 31, 2006

Chin up

Dear Marc, staying at my parents house, we're enjoying entertainment of the old world kind. As usual, dad is putting eyes on his chin while telling stories. Scary and entertaining at the same time, we call it "the poor man's TV".

Stop by some time and request your favorite re-run on dad TV.


Eebs said...

I work at WonderGroup and we just used the eyes-on-chin thing for a commercial!

Go to and watch the spot on the little TV!

Vinny said...

I just tried this while reading "Frog and Toad Together" out loud. It completely cracked up my 2 year old. And his father. And the next-door neighbors, who heard us all laughing our heads off through the nursery window. So thanks for that moment of surreal hilarity, too often elusive these days.

Agathe said...

I was filming my boyfriend doing that a while back. It's always a blast! :)

roslyn said...

Hello there, I found a link to this page from another blog. I have a question for you.

When you were in India, where did you stay? I looks and sounds as if you had a little villa on the beach. Did you rent a villa or was it a hotel? Where was it and could you post some contact info on the place? Thanks a million!!


SkylarKD said...

Love it!! :D

We'll have to try this for our nephews sometime.

DesignGal said...