Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fashion fantasy nr 2.

Dear Marc, some days, I am no longer a Scottish heiress. I am a Finnish logger. I work hard all day, and really enjoy my cold beer at the end of the day, sitting by the water at sunset.

The landscape is very harsh all around me, but the Finnish birds and the light make up for the lack of people and gossip. I don't get bored out here, cause this is fantasy, not reality.

I wear only Ivana Helsinki, cause I'm a patriotic Finn. Perhaps you'd care to stop by some day. I'll treat you to some rye bread, so sturdy we have to use a real saw to slice it. Wash it down with spring water and tell me some awful jokes. Then perhaps you can show me how to tango.



Anonymous said...

just wanted to tell you i really enjoy your site:)e.

eurobrat said...

I'm Finnish and therefore love this post to bits.