Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The missing link

Dear Marc, know how I always talk about how I can’t wear high heels because my feet are so broad and flat? And know how I always lament this fact, since I love your shoes so much?

Well, guess what, I’ve found a man who might help my feet fit more comfortably into my MJ’s. With the help of patience, time and a few nifty, foot friendly postures, I may be able to recreate my lost arches.

Yes. It is that guy in that picture up above. He is the one.

He was my yoga teacher back in Palolem, which we have now left behind us. I miss him so much. I wish we could bring him with us back home to Sweden, but am afraid he would be too cold, wearing only that tangerine tank top. The beard might protect his neck, though.

This is how we lived, just a quick walk from the beach:

And this is where we had great meals:

The place was so pretty, here’s a view of the library (please notice the local librarian):

The final picture doesn’t really belong here, but I’ll throw it in anyways, cause I like it so much,.
It may look like his and hers prison cells, but it’s actually a sign for rest rooms. Notice how ladies wear saris and gents are try to hold their pee with the help of slightly bent knees.

Curried- soon to be well heeled- love


Eebs said...

Good luck with the arches!

Is the local librarian a goat, or am I looking in the wrong place?

~C said...

What does the bottom of the yoga mans feet look like? :)

-e said...

his feet are lovely, and yes the librarian is an old goat.

varanen said...

What was your family's favourite food in India...I'm a sucker for it myself (stews, nam, King, well the works basically)!?

Parisjasmal said...

you. crack. me. up!

Fröken Icke Blogg said...

Oh it looks so nice.
What kind of Yoga did you practise? This place are some kind of Yoga retreat or what?
Or was it just popping up on your trip? For how long are you guys in India?
1000 questions ;)
Travel safe - maria