Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Avian blues

Dear Marc, this will be a strange easter. I mean, easter has such a bird focus with feathers and eggs and right now is such a sad time for the airborne creatures.

I read our town newspaper. The headline screams:

"Local police begs: Please stop calling about dead birds".

I can imagine the disillusioned crime fighters. After years of police school shaping them to chase down criminals and stop bank robberies, they have to answer endless calls about ailing or deceased swans in the area.

The avian flu. It's hardest on the birds.
So let's celebrate the winged community just like we should in easter time.

Join me in eggstraordinary decorating.
Buy an eggshaped bird feeder.

Once we've moved in, I'll stop being so obsessed with house-related issues. This will be a great spring. We're going skiing and I'm planning a trip to New York and DC.

And while I'm in New York, there will be a new exhibition at the Met about my favourite Egyptian ruler, the female pharao Hatshepsut.

I'm such a lucky, lucky girl.
What do you have lined up for spring? Work for other season's collections?
It must be so strange to be a fashion designer, to always live somewhat in the future.



Eebs said...

I'm jealous of your travels. Your posts really give me cabin fever... I need to get the hell out of Ohio for a while.

Angie C said...

Bara ett anspråkslöst tips när du ändå är inne på fågelaccessoarer/just a humble tip when you're mentioning birdaccessories: http://www.gojskoj.se/

eurobrat said...

I'm obsessed with Hatshepsut- so glad you included her...

amy said...

That bird dessert is crazy, I can't wait to make it!!!