Thursday, October 27, 2005

If you were in my shoes

Dear Marc, if you were in my shoes I wonder what you would do. See? They are dirty and old and well used. You can't see it in the picture, but I'm also wearing orthopedic soles. I've never seen that on Cosmo's sexiest-thing-to-wear lists. I love my feet, they carry me everywhere, but they look like duckfeet. I can't wear your shoes.

I recently went to see a very skilled shoemaker. He looked at my shoes, my feet and said that I should never wear sneakers. What then, a barefoot life in a cold city? My feet won't fit in anything but sneakers. He said I should wear Timberland boots. Only. That may help my feet, make them slimmer. So now I'm asking you, when will you start making your shoes and boots with built-in orthopedic soles? I think I'm not the only one wishing for this to happen. My mom has the same problem. She might not wear your most high heeled creations, but I think she'd look good in those little ballet slippers everyone seems to be wearing these days. Dance little lady, dance!

Big love

ps. Here are footwear that are the real me. If only the world could see this me that only I know about!


Sara said...

My mother doesn't wear socks. She says it's because her feet are always warm enough as it is. What do you think?

Bully! said...

I've heard of these mythical hemp shoes, they even come in green though you'll have to add sequins and rhinestones yourself, you elf. Anyways, the material is so breathable that no fungus can survive long.
They're like wind tunnels!!!

Aurum Solis said...

yes em, you are correct about the value of good shoes. it is one consumer item where i dont try to save money. most of my shoes are timberlands and some of their insoles are almost orthopaedic. like you, i need to wear orthopaedic inserts so i have to select my footwear with great care. have you tried timberland's gaucho eurohiker boots. id recommend you go to the timberland store and try a pair. they will keep your feet dry, comfy and warm regardless of the terrain, essential gear for cold and wet ireland. best wishes, aurum