Tuesday, October 25, 2005

About my mother

Dear Marc, let there be no misunderstanding. I love my mother. She was my first love and remains one of the major loves of my life. She might not dress to impress when going for a walk in a freezing London, on the other hand you can count on it that she has a piece of dark chocolate in her backpack that the Pradaites would fear to carry too close to their expensive selves.

At age 11, she visited a friend's house for dinner. Faced with the company of the friend's mother, she tried to come up with something a mother might like to talk about. "My mother always buys her bras on sale" was her cunning ice breaker, but unfortunately this interesting piece of information inspired nothing but silence. A few weeks later, she visited another friend. On entering this house, she couldn't help but notice the disorder inside. "What a mess!" was not the thing to say to repeat an invitation. In fact, she was never welcomed back to the house again. So much for truthfulness.

She just turned 60. What, in all of your collections do you think would make a great gift for a loved mother? I've read that you spend a lot of time with your grandma growing up. What would you give to her now, if this was the year she turned 60?



pico de gayo said...

make a book about her/including her. i mean a real book, sent to printer and everything. content up to you; photo's stories about her and how those stories affected you. she sounds wonderful :)

swamps said...

the same exact thing happened to me when i was 10 years old. i was invited to a friend's house. i was taken aback by what a mess my friend and her mother lived in. i cried out: "what a mess!!" i mean they literally carved out paths through the mess, which in some places was waist high, to get from one room to another. i couldn't believe my friend's mother was offended. she called my mother to complain.